OVERVIEW: 26 double-fenced grass paddocks equipped for irrigation provide a paddock for every horse.  Well-maintained, hilly trails wrap around the 62-acre property’s perimeter, through 37 acres of forest adjacent to the farm.


Bridlewood is situated on a gently sloping parcel of land with breathtaking views of the hills across the valley of Shaw’s Creek.  Adjacent to the paddocks are 37 acres of lush forest with pines, oaks, holly, maple and dogwood. Over 3 miles of well maintained and easily accessible trails were designed & charted, and carefully carved into the forest.

The trails traverse diverse terrain, with some sections winding through the woods, and other sections on a straight path, well-suited for a brisk trot. There are also paths just wide enough for a single file horse ride, providing a bit of adventure.  The woods are easily accessible by electric gate, and many of Bridlewood’s clients enjoy taking a lesson in the professional ring, and then heading over to the woods for a ride on the trails.


THE PADDOCKS: The 26 paddocks have double fencing so a horse in one paddock is separate from a horse in an adjacent paddock. There are all sizes of paddocks which allow for better matching of the individual needs of a horse. The paddocks are well maintained by Bridlewood dedicated grounds team. Paddocks are seeded, aerated and fertilized on a consistent schedule. Paddocks are “picked” on a regular basis. Bridlewood built drainage systems on the property equal in class to any major city. These drainage systems of retention tanks and extensive underground piping are designed to move excess water into appropriate places. This effort eliminates standing water and erosion. Bridlewood collaborated with Clemson University to select the right type of grass for its paddocks to ensure the best grazing experience for Bridlewood horses.

IRRIGATION:  Our philosophy has always been that more turn out time is better. In order to facilitate better grazing, Bridlewood installed a major irrigation system that is “horse friendly”.  A horse friendly system first entails having a huge well so more sprinkler heads can be run at one time and minimize the time that it takes to water the property leaving horses, staff and clients to move around the property without dodging the sprinklers. The well at Bridlewood can pump over 440 gallons per minute, enough to supply a small community. Each of the large heads puts out about 80 gallons per minute and during the first year with only ½ of the system installed pumped 6.2 million gallons. Horse friendly design also involves having each paddock being individually controlled and have at least 2 zones. This means that a paddock will only have ½ of its area receiving water at any one time allowing a horse to move to an area not being watered. Most importantly, the state of the art irrigation system measures the moisture in dozens of places throughout the property and will adjust watering schedule based on the amount of moisture in the ground. This not only minimizes watering time and consumption but creates better deeper root growth and stronger turf. All the functions and measurements of ground moisture, air temperature, soil temperature, wind speed and water used are charted and monitored on an hourly basis 365 days a year.