OVERVIEW: State of the art 28-stall barn and 26 grass paddocks on 62-acre property, with well-maintained trails through 37 acres of forest. Bridlewood Farm is located 5 miles from downtown Aiken, South Carolina and 3 miles from the Highfields Show Grounds and Bruce’s Field.

  • Safety & Security - Video Surveillance & Cameras

    There are over 30 ultra-high resolution cameras that are active 24×7, ensuring safety. Stalls have their own cameras that functions day and night using safe infrared technology at night. There are also cameras that monitor the rest of the barn and the paddocks. These cameras can be accessed remotely from computers and iPhones. Bridlewood staff carry iPhones/iPads that allow them to easily view farm activity no matter where they are. Cameras can be viewed from monitors in the living quarters of Bridlewood. All activity seen by the cameras is recorded and can be played back for educational/training/security purposes. This allows the staff to check on the horses at all times from anywhere. Bridlewood’s cameras also make it possible for boarders to view their horse’s stall remotely at any time, so you can check in on your horse from anywhere in the world, using a mobile device.

  • Alarm Systems

    Burglar and fire alarms encompass the entire facility and are centrally monitored 24×7. The front gate entry system provides security and allows convenient access anytime with your own unique access code. In addition, there are two living quarters attached to the barn, so there is always someone at the barn to monitor the horses.

  • Fire Safety

    The danger of fires includes obvious risks but, fires in barns are especially dangerous since horses will run back to the fire instead of trying to escape. Too many barns do not prepare for this. At Bridlewood, the barn includes:

    Monitoring by 7 heat sensitive devices that cover the entire facility
    Central station monitoring 24×7
    Fire extinguishers throughout the facility
    Fire hose system throughout the facility

  • Transportation Safety

    Bridlewood uses state of the art vehicles and trailers for safe transportation. Bridlewood’s F-350 and F-150 have the latest computer brake control technology to safely pull horse trailers. Bridlewood’s Sundowner trailers have been outfitted with multiple cameras and are extra high for cooler, more comfortable rides. Cameras are installed in all Bridlewood trailers and trucks. They are placed so that each horse can be monitored in addition to monitoring what’s coming up behind the trailer. A color control monitor at the driver’s console displays 4 cameras at once or allows zooming in on just one camera for closer inspection.

  • Fly & Mosquito Protection

    Bridlewood uses two misting systems to reduce flies and mosquitos. One system is just for outside the barn and operates more frequently than its counterpart inside the barn. Bridlewood uses the best natural treatment; water based Pyrethrin made from the chrysanthemum plant.


  1. 12×12 matted stalls with large windows
  2. 3 wash stalls with hot and cold water & 3 dry stalls for grooming, clipping
  3. Bathroom with washer and dryer and tack room
  4. Personnel living on the premises


  • Use of all Bridlewood amenities
  • Full care
  • Use of all Bridlewood amenities
  • Full care
  • Any combination of lessons and trainer rides